Which cookies are used by our site?

Various types of cookies are placed on our site by the Company or third parties during its use, such as:

Cookies installed by our site

These cookies are linked to the operation of our website. If certain such cookies are missing, you will not be able to use our website and all its features correctly.

1. Authentication cookies

Authentication cookies enable members to log back in more easily. They are deleted if the member logs out of the site. The member must then re-enter his/her login details to log back in. To ensure the security of our members' personal data, no passwords or personal login details are visible in this cookie.

2. Session cookies

Session cookies are cookies that give members access to the members' area of our site after logging in. These cookies are automatically deleted by the member's browser when the member has not used the site for over an hour.

These cookies can be first party or third-party cookies.

3. Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies enable us to show our members targeted advertisements based on their age, sex, location, chosen language, etc. They also allow us to propose offers likely to interest our members based on their likes and interests.

4. Visitor statistics cookies

Visitor statistics cookies allow us to count the number of pages displayed by our visitors and our members while browsing on our site.

5. Language preference cookie

The language preference cookie allows us to memorise the language in which our members wish to browse our site.

Cookies installed by third parties

These cookies are installed by a domain other than our website. We do not manage these kinds of cookies, which are subject to the cookie and privacy policies of third parties acting on their own behalf. The personal information contained in these cookies is only accessible to those third parties. In such cases, we do not communicate any personal data.

1. Sharing cookies (social networks)

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter) enable members of our site to share data with other members. When you click the 'Share' button, Facebook or Twitter places a cookie on your device. When you are connected to your Facebook or Twitter account, this cookie links that account to the data viewed on our site.

2. Audience measurement cookies

The audience measurement cookies used on our site are placed there by our commercial partner Google Analytics. They enable us to analyse our site's visitor numbers and performance, particularly by studying the use of various aspects of the site (pages displayed, browsing, etc.) so as to improve its appeal and usability and offer the best possible service.

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